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Hello Everyone!

It brings me great joy to finally be able to send this out and recognize our major trail community supporters for our Year End Giving campaign! We are overwhelmed with the amount of support that we received through club level and other donations. Our board is hard at work planning our maintenance projects for this coming season, ensuring we are able to maximize funding impact.

One large project that your cash will make possible is the rejuvenation of the entire Dutch Hollow area (including 1000 turns!). We are working on securing a grant for this maintenance to stretch our raised capital even further and we look forward to giving some much needed love to one of our most beloved and highly utilized trail areas.

We could not have done this without YOU! While there were many generous donors, we’d like to recognize our “Club” level donors here. Thank you to those who supported 1/4 mile, 1/2 mile, 1 mile, 5 miles, or more! We are endlessly grateful for your support and look forward to beautifying our Heber Valley trails!


Virginia Solomon

Mike Bradshaw


Shaun Jacobs

Bryce Sacs

Dustin Martinez

Amy + Eric Bachmann

Ben + Brittney Jones

Michael Ellsworth

Mike McGurl

1/2 MILE

Jim Kupferschmidt

Ryan + Kasey Sorenson

Wendy Steinle

Don Taylor

Jake + Lauren Waggoner

Rosina Yue

1/4 MILE

David Williams

Maggie Harris

Kurt Jacobs

Jamison Frost

Joan Benson

Cory Deitrich

Robin Engfer

Suzann Yue

Suzanne Jenson

Dan Hayes

Scott Harrington

Osiris Cabral

Kyle Moore

Jessica Jones

Keren Mazanec

Paul Santacaterina

“Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt”

-John Muir

With gratitude,

Mia Yue

Executive Director

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