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Dutch Hollow Trail Restoration

Historically there have been great efforts by the community and the Wasatch Mountain State Park through volunteer dig days, to maintain Dutch Hollow and its trails. Despite these efforts, challenges remain to accomplish large scale maintenance work due to the lack of funding and equipment. In order to keep up with the demanding changes from season to season, year after year, Adventourage decided to submit for the Utah Economic Assistance Grant with hopes of fulfilling that need. Adventourage was graciously selected to do just that. Through the grant, equipment will be purchased to reconstruct and restore trails, starting with Dutchman Way to the Dutch Hollow Trail.

Adventourage is a locally owned and operated touring company based at the Homestead Resort. Adventourage is passionate about delivering unforgettable experiences in biking, snowmobiling, side-by-sides, backcountry skiing, and snowboarding. Their commitment extends beyond adventure—they are dedicated to actively contributing to the enhancement of public recreation across the board.

In this latest initiative, their dynamic team has acquired top-notch excavation equipment essential for the rehabilitation of Dutchman Way to Dutch Hollow Trail. What makes this venture truly special is the commitment to owning and operating the equipment internally, paving the way for sustained maintenance of trail systems that have historically faced challenges due to limited funding for development.

Join in this exciting journey as strides are taken towards a brighter, more accessible, and well-maintained future for outdoor enthusiasts!

Check out the Adventourage website to learn more:

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