Pine Canyon Bike Park

About the Pine Canyon Bike Park Project:

Wasatch County and the Heber Valley do not currently have a bike pump track, bicycle skills area, or flow trails park, which are essential to building skills for all levels of cyclists.  The Pine Canyon Bike Park will be located in Wasatch State Park adjacent to the existing campground and near many other biking trails and will provide a new outdoor recreation facility in Wasatch County for both residents and visitors.The park will consist of a circuit of banked turns and features designed to cater to a wide variety of rider skill levels. The first phase of the project is done, the completion of the pump track in September, 2018. Further additions of a beginner jump line as well as 2 new flow trails connecting the lower WOW trail parking lot to the new pump track will break ground as soon as we have matched funds secured.The Pine Canyon Bike Park will offer a great opportunity for residents and visitors to enjoy a unique and user-friendly facility that is open to all ability levels. 

The Wasatch Trails alliance was recently awarded the Governors grant that will help us with matched funds for the $81,000 project. We are currently working with local businesses, individuals, and organizations to raise our portion ($41,000) to complete the full scope of the park.

Wasatch Trails Foundation is committed to continuing the growth of the trails system in the Heber Valley, providing recreational opportunities for all trail user groups. This project offers a unique experience for bikers and it will attract visitors and retain residents for recreation. Studies conducted in other communities have proven that not only trails but having a variety of trail offerings have produced positive economic growth and social and health benefits for its residents.


What We've Completed So Far:

We have completed the first phase of the bike park which includes the pump track, 4 picnic table landings, a water tank, and a flow trail connecting to the future parking lot. The track has seen constant use by the community since it’s completion and a lot of positive feedback.

Next Phase.png

The Next Phase:


The next phase of construction will be the completion of two new flow trails connecting the existing WOW trail parking lot down 800 vertical feet and roughly 1.6 miles each in length to the new pump track. In addition, we will be building a short jump line and a skills area with some rock gardens and log ride sections. 

How Can I Contribute?:

The Wasatch Trails Foundation is a 501(c)(3) and is seeking funding for this project. We have put together the below packages that have varying levels of recognition. Any donation, of any dollar amount is greatly appreciated. Please let us know how we can work with you and/or your organization to get you involved in our movement.

The Golden Eagle: $10,000 and above (limit 4):


The Golden Eagle sponsorship is our premiere level sponsorship and includes the ability to name one zone (pump track, flow trail a or b, jump line, or skills park). This could include business name, in memorial, or anything creative but is subject to approval for appropriateness.


The Wasatch Cougar: $5,000-$9,999(limited to 4):


The Wasatch Cougar sponsorship includes a plaque on one of the 4 picnic tables recognizing your contribution as well as a large prominent log placement on the project sign recognizing your contribution to the community. We will also mention your name on a special “thank you” social media post recognizing your contribution.


The Dutch Moose $2,000-$4,999:


The Dutch Moose sponsorship puts your name or company name on a mile marker of the flow trails and a medium logo placement on the project sign. We will also mention your name on a special “thank you” social media post recognizing your contribution.


Thank you for taking the time to consider donating to the Wasatch Trails foundation. Together we are building a usable legacy that will be a benefit to our community for years to come.