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Jordanelle Ridge Trail System Updates

Formerly known as Coyote Canyon, the Jordanelle Ridge Trail System (JRTS) is going to see a lot of changes in the coming years. Hang on, hang on...we know this is sad to see some of our staple trails get re-routed (and in some areas disappear 😕) however, THIS IS A GREAT THING for the longevity of the trail system. Here's why: Many of the trails in this area were built long before the current trail building standards were in place. This means, they weren't build with sustainability, resiliency, or maintainability in mind. Moving forward, we can ensure that all of the new trails that get built here, will stand the test of time, and ride well for future generations.

The map and description below, shows the information that we currently have, and tentative plans for the future.

  • Riverview East out of Cutthroat is going to have construction challenges and there is a good possibility that it will be closed next summer, 2024.

  • There are plans to build a new trail around the back side of the hill to the north to replace it. On the maps it’s labeled Bee Bee (final trail name TBD).

  • Looney Tunes will eventually go away completely. The current plan is for it to stay open through next summer and maybe longer.

  • The Coyote Loop Trail from the Red Ledges Junction to the old Chop’d Junction will be closed next spring. ***That means there will be no way to ride the classic 23 mile Coyote Loop ride, so get out and ride it now***

  • There will be new roads being built as early as this fall. The one with the most effect on our bike trails will cut across both the Coyote Loop Trail above Cutthroat and across the top of Sufferin' Succotash. We anticipate as soon as this road is finished. We wont see much impact in this area for a while.

  • The good news is there are new traiIs being built! The Rock Giant Trails will cut across the front face as an extension to the Lonely Mountain Traverse. It will eventually take you across to the switchbacks just before the White Rocks and the Red Ledges Junction.

  • Off of Rock Giant Trails there are plans for a new downhill trail similar to Mordor called, Tom Bombadill (Bomb da hill) Downhill.

  • We will also be moving the Cutthroat parking lot to the other side of the gas pump station farther to the east. The idea is to get farther away from all the construction trucks coming in and out of that gate. Bonus! It should be less muddy too.

Thank you all for your understanding as we see our Valley grow and our trail system become better and better. Please reach out to or for more information.

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