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BO to WOW Connector

About the BO to WOW Connector Project:

The WOW (Wasatch Over Wasatch) trail was an incredible addition to the trail system in Wasatch County when it was completed. It's construction allowed access to some of the best riding, hiking and horseback riding along the Wasatch Back, and gave access to a portion of Wasatch Mountain State Park few had ever experienced. As the name would indicate, the intention was always to connect the WOW Trail to the larger regional trail system and truly connect over the Wasatch. For those unfamiliar, Bonanza Flat is to the NNW of the current upper WOW Trail trailhead and is approximately 1200 acres. In 2019 our friends in Park City, UT had the opportunity to purchase Bonanza Flat and protect it as open space for future generations, which is exactly what they did through generous donations and a hefty bond. Bonanza Flat is now under conservation easement with Utah Open Lands. Park City Municipal Corporation, Mountain Trails Foundation and Utah Open Lands have steadily been working to build trail access in Bonanza Flat since protecting the property. As part of this trail development a trail alignment was designed to connect the Bonanza Flat trails to the upper WOW Trail and the BO to WOW was born! This trail connection will allow users to truly connect the the Wasatch Over Wasatch via singletrack. Riders and hikers alike will now be able to depart from Wasatch or Salt Lake County and connect over the Wasatch Crest to either valley all on singletrack trail, tying together one of the most expansive trail systems in North America!

Completed so far:

The Wasatch Trails Foundation has been awarded a Utah Office of Outdoor Recreation Grant, as well as a Utah State Parks RTP (Recreational Trails Program) Grant to help fund the construction of BO to WOW trail, and final alignment and construction planning is underway.

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