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Past Projects

SOME of the major projects Wasatch Trails Foundation has completed:

Pine Canyon Bike Park

The Pine Canyon Bike Park is located within Wasatch Mountain State Park, and was the first Bike Park of it's kind built in a Utah State Park.  It includes a Pump Track as well as the "Hot Dogger" blue flow trail, "S'more" green flow trail, and the "Happy Camper" multi-directional trail which serves as ingress and egress for all other bike park trails.  The Pine Canyon Bike Park is the perfect place for the whole family to build or sharpen their skills!

WOW Trail

The WOW Trail was instant Utah classic the day it was completed.  Stretching from the upper reaches of Wasatch Mountain State Park to the Pine Canyon Campground nearly 2,300' below the WOW Trails traverses multiple geologic layers and different forest types.  It is a multi-directional, multi-use trail that is nearly 9 miles in length and can be accessed from late spring through late fall.

Riverview Trails/Coyote Loop

The Coyote Loop and Riverview trail system is one of the first to open and last to close in the Heber Valley.  With multiple stacked loops and plenty of room to extend your ride or hike the Riverview and Coyote Loop trails are a great option if you are looking to explore eastern side of the Heber Valley.


The Flatline trail gives trail users a singletrack connection from the Riverview/Coyote Loop area into Dutch Hollow and Wasatch Mountain State Park.  The perfect way to create a cross valley ride or hike!

Coyote Loop Improvements
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